We believe in pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and inspiring creativity and independent thought. Our limited release beers are here for a good time, but not necessarily a long time.

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Maple Bacon

Ice Cream Pancake Ale

On our planet, we have a legend about people who like pancakes … It’s called Footloose. And in it, a great hero, named Kevin Bacon, teaches an entire city full of people with sticks up their butts that dancing, well, is the greatest thing there is. The beer is pretty ace too.

6%ABV / 35IBU

Dainton Brewery Mocha Chocca New England Black Rye IPA

Mocha Chocca

New England Black Rye IPA

Normally I hate “A’s” on the end of words. I prefer them at the start. Also, I like chocolate at the start of a meal, not the end. This beer is going to confuse you. Yes, I might have Thursday before which same. I mean witch.

6%ABV / 29IBU

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Mellon Collie

Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Inspired by traditionally mad American brewers, this is a real pumpkin ale. We’ve added spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, and Billy Corgan’s big old noggin … Enjoy.

8%ABV / 20IBU

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The Raider

Single Hop NEIPA

Professor of beerology, expert on the occult, and how does one say it … obtainer of rare beers … Yep, this guy does it all for fortune and beer. Using experimental Hort 4334 hops you’ll get tropical, stonefruit and citrus notes. Just don’t look at the can when you open it. Don’t look!

6%ABV / 45IBU

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Apricot & Peach Kettle Sour

When you’ve run out of ideas and coffee, bad things can occur. Let’s be honest, no coffee is worse than no beer … Anyway, kettle-soured with peach and apricot. Yum. Not as yum as a McCoffee though.

4.7%ABV / 5IBU

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Choc Peanut Butter Stout

Peanuts are rad, aliens told us so. Better than that, we’re going to show you so. Just watch your allergies, because we aim to please. This beer ain’t crap!

6%ABV / 30IBU

Kinky Cola

Black Cherry Cola Sour

Well Cam’s not the world’s most mystical guy, but when he made this beer we nearly lost our minds – C-O-L-A COLA, CH-CH-CHERRY COLA! So we we’re all pretty cluey blokes, though this beer flips our wigs as it tastes like a Coke – C-O-L-A COLA, CH-CH-CHERRY COLA!

5.2%ABV / 15IBU

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Dainton Brewery Cherrywood Smoked Rye Baltic Porter


Smoked Rye Baltic Porter

A dark porter with a difference. A complex beer that tastes like a chocolate cigar, dipped in port and ignited by a dragon’s flame.

8.8%ABV / 50IBU

Silver Medal Australian International Beer Awards 2019

Gold Medal IBA ‘Indies’ 2018

Champion Australian Beer IBA Craft Beer Awards 2017

Champion Porter/Stout IBA Craft Beer Awards 2017

Gold Medal IBA Craft Beer Awards 2017

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Cookies & Cream

Milkshake IPA

How unhealthy was the cookie monster? Seriously … I eat one cookie and I’m feeling like I need a refreshing ale to cleanse myself. Maybe CM needed a wheatgrass shot or something? I do. And a cookie. Mmmmm cookies.

6%ABV / 4.8IBU

The Hybrid

Single Hop NEIPA

This beer is a mega juicy, fruity member using new German-grown Amarillo hops to impart delish citrus and stonefruit flavours. Hail Hybrid!

6.4%ABV / 33IBU

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When I was young, making beer was just for fun, never needed anyone. Those days are fine … Wow, so melancholy Eric! Anyway, Happy 3rd Birthday to the Brewery and Taphouse!

8.1%ABV / 82IBU

Champion Australian Indie Beer IBA ‘Indies’ 2019

Champion Strong Beer IBA ‘Indies’ 2019

Dainton Shellraiser Oyster Kilpatrick Stout


Oyster Kilpatrick Stout

Another year and another ‘collab’ with these crazy folks. Also some NSW farmer helped source the actual 110 dozen oysters in this brew. Note – there is no bacon, though it does taste a bit like bacon … ‘Facon’ I call it. I don’t. You do.

Brewed in collaboration with Bright Tank Brewing, Van Diemen Brewing and Rocky Ridge Brewing Co.

9.5%ABV / 35IBU

Choctail Espresso

Moccha Stout

Choctail reminds us of “DuckTales”, although the characters are “Danny, Cammy and Tayley”, with “Kev” being Uncle Scrooge. Also, we wear pants, sometimes. And Kev has silver coins, not gold ones. Segway – this beer has cold brewed coffee from Commonfolk Coffee Roasters in Mornington and organic cacao nibs. Delish.

9%ABV / 70IBU

Gold Medal Australian International Beer Awards 2019

Silver Medal IBA ‘Indies’ 2018

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Zone 3

Triple dry hopped triple rye ipa

Sometimes not even we know the relevance of the label to our beers. Just like we’re unsure of what lies beyond the event horizon. Drink this and you may find out.

9.7%ABV / 81IBU

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Pickle Dan

Reuben Rye Ale

There are really real, surreal and unreal similarities between Rick and Dan. Perhaps if they collabed on a science project they’d make this beer … Or start an inter-dimensional war? Maybe both. Brewed with real pickles from Dillicious.

5.5%ABV / 15IBU

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Dainton Brewery Supertrooper Imperial NEIPA


Imperial NEIPA

A long time ago, in a beer hall not that far away… There was a bearded dude, wearing a flanno, sipping on Some blue milk. Pretty sure he starred in that movie Trainspotting. Anyway, he now fights robots and clones and has a cool light sword. Enjoy.

10%ABV / 71IBU

Gold Medal Australian International Beer Awards 2019

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The Professional

sauv blanc & kiwi bright neipa

Whether taking out hordes of bad dudes (and yeast) to protect a young Natalie Portman, or slinging his guns on BEER Thread, Leon is a true professional. This beer goes out to the 4,000+ members who make the community so exciting. No discussion.

5.8%ABV / 27IBU

Dainton Brewery Half-Blood Blood Orange Session NERIPA


Blood Orange Session NERIPA

‘Half-blood’ conjures images of Werewolves or Vampires or Wolfpires … Maybe they drink this beer instead of human blood? Maybe this juicy brew will grant magical powers. Maybe Robert Patterson will jump from a Jeep Wrangler and stare at you weirdly? I hope not. Drink the beer.

4.3%ABV / 30IBU

Dainton Brewery Margarita Tequila Gose with Lime


Tequila Gose with Lime

Give happiness to this beer, Margarita! ‘Cause this beer is for giving happiness and nice things to! Give happiness to your beer, Margarita! Heyyyy… Margarita! Aaay!

4.6%ABV / 12IBU

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Dainton Brewery Russ Le Hop New Zealand IPA

Russ Le Hop

New Zealand IPA

“We don’t have a million hops in this beer / it’s more like a zillion IBUS so please don’t fear / and though it may not be a GABS Hottest 100 can / at least we know that Russell Crowe doesn’t endorse our brand!”

6.1%ABV / 43IBU

Bayside Pale

Australian Pale Ale

With fresh citrus hop aromas, a clean malt bill and a refreshing pallette, this beer is brewed for those hot summer days – or nights. Brewed by the Bay.

4.5%ABV / 26IBU

Kegs only

Ritchies Pale

Pale Ale

An easy-drinking Pale Ale with citrus notes and a refreshing palate, brewed with fresh Aussie hops.

Brewed exclusively for Ritchies Supermarkets.

4.5%ABV / 24IBU

Ritchies Exclusive

Gone but not forgotten …

All good things must come to an end! These guys had a good run, and they live on in our memories! Until next time.

That said, you may still find these beers in your local bottle shop fridge – happy hunting!

Idaho 7 Single Hop Hazy IPA

Idaho 7

Single Hop Hazy IPA

What was that movie with Keanu and River in it? Bambi? Wait, that’s what I’m watching right now … Oh the humanity! Big zesty orange and tangerine in this bad boy with hints or marmalade. You won’t be the ‘lonely guy’ drinking this beast.

6%ABV / 55IBU

Flat White

Iced Coffee NEIPA

What the f#$k is an almond magic? What has this world come to? Give me an old fashioned (circa 1998) flat white and I’m good. And why coffee in beer? Well, it’s all about the things you love. Oh yeah, it’s a white stout. Go figure.

5.7%ABV / 20IBU

Red Velvet

Choc Cherry NEIPA

This beer is smooth, sexy and delicious, much like Kyle MacLachlan in that semi-normalDavid Lynch film … Pretty sure you won’tfind a missing ear in here though.

6.6%ABV / 14IBU

Dainton Brewery Raspberry Rye Milk Porter


Rye Milk Porter

I used to live with my dad as a young chap. He used to eat chocolate ice cream with raspberry topping in the bath which I had to hand deliver. This beer is for all the nutters out there.

6%ABV / 23IBU

Violent Crumble

Honeycomb & Toffee Stout

Dwayne Johnson is on top of the Empire State Building fighting a giant gorilla whilst eating a chocolate bar. A swarm of bees come flying out of the gorilla’s mouth and bite his tongue, so he needs a beer to soothe the swelling. This is that beer.

7.5%ABV / 33IBU

Dainton Brewery Feelin' Peachy Peach Milkshake NEIPA

Feelin’ Peachy

Peach Milkshake NEIPA

Millions of peaches, peaches for you; Millions of peaches, that’s more than two; Millions of peaches, peaches ain’t free; Millions of peaches, this beer is tasty!

6.3%ABV / 12IBU

Dainton Brewery Purple Sour Beet & Berry Kettle Sour

Purple Sour

Beet & Berry Kettle Sour

Don’t turn away, don’t stop looking at me, I am a sour beer, I hope that you get me. Hey, what are you looking at? I’m purple and you better drink me. What would you see? What would you see if you swallowed me? Maybe a Japanese lady?

4.6%ABV / 15IBU

Bronze Medal Australian International Beer Awards 2019

Dainton Brewery Fruit Punch IPA

Fruit Punch

India Pale Ale

A summery, hoppy IPA brewed with passionfruit and pineapple. Brewed in collaboration with our mate Lachy from Ballistic Beer Co.

6.5%ABV / 60IBU

No.64 GABS Hottest 100 New Beers 2018

Best of Show Ballarat Beer Festival 2018

Silver Medal Australian International Beer Awards 2018


West Coast IPA

There could be a totally hip rap poem though it’d probably sound cooler and not use the words “hip” or “poem”. And this beer ain’t cool. It’s just a real fucking good example of a West Coast IPA. Enjoy.

6.6%ABV / 40IBU

Dainton Brewery Dmango Unchained Session IPA

Dmango Unchained

session ipa

Mangoes come in a can, they were put there by a Dan, in a factory in Carrum Downs. If we had our own little way, we’d drink mango beer all day!

4.7%ABV / 35IBU

Dainton Brewery Rock Toffee Belgian Dubbel

Rock Toffee

Belgian Dubbel

Get hard rock Belgian Candi into ya! Using a 400 year old secret blend of water and sugar and a specialized cylindrical bowl-like-thing (a pot?) to boil up sweet toffee rocks, this bad-ass brew was brewed by no other than the most famous Belgian of all! Yep – who cares.

6.3%ABV / 26IBU

Caramel Creme

White Chocolate NEIPA

Remember that giant easter egg you got as a kid? It was so big that you could roll on it. Which you did. Then it broke and you cried. But not as much as when a giant spider came out of the egg and ate your pet echidna. Ah, childhood.

6.5%ABV / 12IBU

Dainton Brewery Summer Lovin' Tropical Session IPA

Summer Lovin’

Tropical Session IPA

Summer Lovin’, don’t drink it too fast! Summer Lovin’, a fruity hop blast! Seriously folks, we’ve got hops, fruits and yums, all packed into a punchy session IPA.

4.8%ABV / 32IBU

Dainton Brewery Fruity Freeze Tropical NEIPA

Fruity Freeze

Tropical NEIPA

Two blokes from good old Shepparton got together to make this beer – Matt from Revel Brewing, and Dan. “Sheppresent!”

7.1%ABV / 22IBU

Silver Medal Australian International Beer Awards 2019

Dainton Brewery Forest Gruit

Forest Gruit

2018 ANHC Commemorative Beer

When we asked our head Brewer “what the f#@k is in this beer?”, all he responded with was “We are Gruit”. How dare he rope us into this crazy thing. It has raw nutmeg and mugwort and sticks, oh my!

2018 Australian National Homebrewing Conference Commemorative Beer

7.8%ABV / 20IBU

Bronze Medal Australian International Beer Awards 2019

Kegs only

Dainton Brewery Matchstyx Smoked Chilli Stout with Salted Caramel


Smoked Chilli Stout with salted caramel

Burn baby burn – ya nostrils out! We’ve taken hot jalapeños and smoked ’em over flamin’ Irish whiskey barrel oak then added them into a salted caramel stout for the ultimate winter autumn warmer!

6.7%ABV / 38IBU

Dainton Brewery Double Ton Double India Pale Lager

Double Ton

Double India Pale Lager

Ahhh, the smell of freshly mowed grass, the blistering sting of the summer sun and the look of pure glee on your uncle’s mug as he sits in his stubby shorts and tapes up one side of a tennis ball. The days of the real epic backyard tests … Not this crazy 20/20 IPL stuff. You can barely get through two beers, then it’s over!

7%ABV / 48IBU

Dainton Brewery Shark Punch Tropical Aussie IPA

Shark Punch

Tropical Aussie IPA

We love animals, be they sharks or surfers. But honestly, why are they always punching on? Can’t we all just be FRIENDS!? Share the love, and this classic Aussie IPA.

6.1%ABV / 55IBU

Honey Kolsch

Mornington Peninsula Brewers Collaborative beer

This collaboration brings together the best of the Mornington Peninsula. A classic style unfiltered kolsch brewed with local orange blossom honey from Pure Peninsula Honey.

Brewed with Hix Beer, Jetty Road Brewery, Mornington Peninsula Brewery, Mr Banks, Red Hill Brewery and St Andrews Beach Brewery.

5.7%ABV / 24IBU

Dainton Brewery Mangozer Mango Gose


Mango Gose

Brewed in collaboration with two legends from WA, this beer commemorates forgetfulness and mangoes and salt. Does anyone read these blurbs? Nobody writes them …

Brewed with Rocky Ridge and Bright Tank.

6%ABV / 14IBU

Dainton Brewery Smoked Sour Apricot Lichtenhainer

Smoked Sour

Apricot Lichtenhainer

This beer was originally a threat to naughty brewers, then they caught the insanity bug. Well, it’s more of a virus. Brewed in collaboration with evil agents and dudes dodging bullets.

4.5%ABV / 7IBU

Cranny Sour

Salted Cranberry Gose

This is a kettle-soured German style Gose with pink Himalayan salt and American Cranberries. It is slightly tart, sour, pinkish in hue and salty, like your Grandma.

5%ABV / 10IBU

Dainton Brewery Sav Brute Sparkling IPA

Sav Brute

Sparkling IPA

Famous brutes of eons been who belched and bludgeoned over bubbly brews – we salute you in your beguiled ways of days and dawns that bestowed our ways. And yay, oh yay, no nay to say we must never choose over grapes or grain!

6.9%ABV / 27IBU

Double Red Eye

2nd birthday celebration ale

So, we’ve survived two years of madness at the brewery with our sanity somewhat intact! This beer is brewed in celebration of this fact, and of winning Champion Australian Independent Amber/Dark Ale for our first ever commercially brewed beer!

7%ABV / 70IBU

Guava Grisette

Farmhouse Session Saison

Ain’t guava that stuff in the red lip balm tubes? Surely this beer tastes better than that? Or do you like that taste? Too bad – we think this beer is yum. Light and sprite like a woodland pixie. Contains no pixies (though 14% elf) …

4.2%ABV / 15IBU


Sour New England IPA

Sour fruit power! Like that Voltron rip-off this beer looks shiny on the outside and like actual Voltron there is some substance on the inside. The princess was cute. We ain’t. Drink up.

6%ABV / 23IBU


Session Saison

Pineapple in beer? Why yes, Rear-Admiral. Kettle-soured, sessionable and certainly not sweet. This dry Saison should see you sipping in the sun all day long. No, we won’t scrub your decks.

5.5%ABV / 25IBU

Hop Harvest

Wet Hopped IPL

I smell it on my fingers, thank god its not on my toes; Hops are all around me, and so the freshness shows; They’re thrown in the kettle, and more are thrown in dry; So if you really love hops, come on give this a try!

6%ABV | 37IBU


DOUBLE India Pale Ale

This beer was brewed for Nat Reeves, the electro-synth composing, pink tee shirt wearing, hop wizard of Cheltenham. If you don’t know who he is, then you should probably not drink this beer. Go have a pint of ambergris.

8.3%ABV | 80IBU

Bronze Medal Australian International Beer Awards 2018

Big Bad Bourbon

Barrel-Aged Belgian Barley Wine with Rye

This beer is a bit mad, like us. And stupid, unlike us. Aged in three different types of bourbon barrels and brewed with a Belgian yeast. Tastes like vanilla fights Ken.

14%ABV / 40IBU

Bronze Medal Australian International Beer Awards 2019

Dainton Brewery Juniper Belgian Gin IPA

Juniper IPA

Belgian gin india pale ale

Juniper berries & some moustache hairs are carefully blended into this Colab beer with our mate, Westy from Cedar Fox. He is a top bloke & gave us free berries! The hair was pricey tho.

5.5%ABV / 30IBU

Dainton Brewery Pina Colada Pineapple Coconut Punch

Pina Colada

Pineapple Coconut Punch

One of the beers that Pete brewed for the world record breaking 131 beer tap-takeover we smashed out on 8/9/18! Pete hated this beer. Too bad, it is delish up the wazoo. Yum-nuts.

4.5%ABV / 23IBU

Ok, I’ve read enough.

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