Our 4th Birthday beer 4D was so delicious that we added it to our Barrel Ageing Program. This top brew was laid down to rest for a full calendar year in French Oak; classic cooperages including Francois Freres (Bourgogne), Saint Martin (Buzet sur Baise) and Sirugue (Nuits Saint George).

They use famed oak from sustainably managed forests in France known for their tight grain, depth of flavour and rich spicy flavour profile. We selected these barrels specifically to enhance the spicy Rye character and malt profile of this beer whilst limiting the oxidation on the Red Imperial IPA.

These barrels were originally used at Coonawarra Estate for their renowned Cabernet for 2 vintages over 3 years. From there they were taken to Starward to age their Whisky for 3+ years.

At the end of the year of stillage in the barrels the 4D beer was transferred into a Fermenter where it was Krausened (adding fresh fermenting beer) with a fresh batch of 4D, dry hopped at 15gr per L and left to naturally carbonate before being packaged.

On tasting and aroma you are greeted by a resiny citrusy punch with malty overtones of toffee, bush honey and rye spice with hints of cherry and oak and a sublime finish.

The Death Star has nothing on this distinctly Dainton brew!


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