These eight dark, handsome fellas form our Core and Hardcore range of beers. No funny business, just very, very good examples of some better-known styles.

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American Pale Ale

This is our take on the classic APA – a hoppy, refreshing, balanced and highly flavoursome beer. Fresh citrus notes dominate with a pleasant bitterness and balanced malt profile.

5.2%ABV / 40IBU

Bronze Medal IBA ‘Indies’ 2018

Silver Medal Australian International Beer Awards 2017

Silver Medal Royal Adelaide Show 2017

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India Pale Ale

The hop bomb in the core range! Huge amounts of tropical fruit and a perfectly malt bill give this powerful tasting beer a clean sessionability.

6.0%ABV / 50IBU

Gold Medal Australian International Beer Awards 2018

Gold Medal IBA ‘Indies’ 2017

Silver Medal Australian International Beer Awards 2017

Silver Medal Sydney Royal Show 2015

Silver Medal IBA ‘Indies’ 2018

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Mid-Strength Pale

In this brew there are hops a plenty without feeling like you are sucking on a pine needle or passionfruit. It’ll have you sipping in the sun all day long (albeit responsibly) …

3.5%ABV / 37IBU

Silver Medal Australian International Beer Awards 2017

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Classic Lager

A crisp and clean pilsner that brings back memories of German Beer Halls or back yard BBQ’s. A subtly sweet malty note.

4.5%ABV / 30IBU

Silver Medal IBA ‘Indies’ 2017

Silver Medal Australian International Beer Awards 2018

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Blood Orange


Blood oranges are awesome. They give you a vitamin C hit and you can pretend you’re a fruit vampire. Sweet. This is a ‘Dainton-ified’ NEIPA, with rye and blood OJ. Fruity, hoppy fun! Woo!

6.0%ABV / 29IBU

No.3 Rye IPA in the World Ratebeer 2019

No.36 GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beers 2018

Gold Medal Australian International Beer Awards 2018

Silver Medal IBA ‘Indies’ 2018

No.85 GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beers 2017

and many more …

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Red Eye


A twist on a few styles of classic and new age beer. With new world hops and classic malts, this beer shows a bouquet of fruit salad, passionfruit and subtle pine notes with a deliciously rounded background of delicate toffee, caramel and a hint of spice.

5.5%ABV / 60IBU

Champion Australian Amber/Dark Ale IBA ‘Indies’ 2018

Gold Medal IBA ‘Indies’ 2018

No.15 Amber Ale in the World Ratebeer 2017

Silver Medal Australian International Beer Awards 2015

and many more …

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Jungle Juice

Hazy IPA

Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got hops and guns. Welcome to the jungle, we can do hard sums. Yeah, in the jungle you’re gunna need a lupulin dream! Take this beer and don’t fear the dankness of your screams!

6.5%ABV / 65IBU

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New Age IPA

Brewed in collaboration with Mike Campbell from Beyond the Beers. He is on a mission to break the stereotype of what it is to be a man and we bloody love it.

I also believe that having the raw and honest chats as blokes is extremely important. By sharing our concerns and getting in touch with our emotions we start down the path to be better men for all those that matter in our lives.

My request is that you be bold, vulnerable and have the tough conversations. Take on being responsible for all of your life and for the impact you have on others. It doesn’t take 1000 beers to be strong and to open up. Hence why we’ve created a low ABV beer.

Enjoy and be responsible.

Cheers to you!

0.9%ABV / 30IBU

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